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Portugal upgrading SIC-T tactical communications system

26 April 2018
A SIC-T field module with an S-788 shelter on an Iveco 90.17 WM truck. Source: Victor Barreira

The Portuguese Army plans to integrate a new configuration of its Sistema de Informação e Comunicações Tático (SIC-T) tactical communication and data system through 2023. The EUR64.18 million (USD78.27 million) effort is to enhance its capability to rapidly deploy command-and-control systems in support of standalone or multinational operations at home and abroad.

A key element of the SIC-T modernisation programme is the acquisition of 35 4x4 medium armoured tactical vehicles and 12 4x4 medium tactical vehicles, worth EUR13.33 million in total, to accommodate SIC-T signal shelters measuring 2.70x2.16x1.75 m. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is buying the vehicles and the NATO Communications and Information Agency is managing the EUR38 million shelter project.

A request of proposals is yet to be issued by NSPA, but the Portuguese Army expects to receive its first vehicles this year and the remainder by 2023, the service told Jane’s .

To partially equip the shelters, EID was awarded a EUR7.53 million contract in 2017 to supply PRC-525 software-defined digital multiband radios and accessories, including 42 HF-VHF transceivers, 42 VHF-UHF transceivers, 26 VHF-UHF transceivers with a Have Quick II frequency-hopping system, 26 SA-525-20 150W HF antenna tuning units, and 78 power amplifiers.

A first SIC-T is in service using Land Cruiser 4x4s equipped with PRC-525 radios and peripherals, as well as Alex Sistemi S-788 shelters on 4x4 tactical trucks with the PRC-525, Thales TRC-4000 line-of-sight radio, high capacity data radio (HCDR), fiber optic, Ethernet, and high-speed digital subscriber line transmission. Various equipment was acquired including gensets, laptops, antennas, routers, modems, trailers, radios, LCD monitors, racks, network solutions, field telephones, IP phones, radio power amplifiers, handheld computers, and cabling.

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