Country Risk

Paraguay’s ruling party secures re-election; increased likelihood of continuity of low taxation and openness to FDI policies

22 April 2018


Mario Abdo Benítez of Paraguay’s ruling Colorado Party (Partido Colorado: PC) won the country’s presidential election on 22 April, albeit by a margin of just 3.7%, when opinion polls had consistently given him a 20% lead.

He defeated Efraín Alegre of the opposition Authentic Radical Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico: PLRA), who headed Alianza Ganar, an alliance with the left-wing Guasú Front (Frente Guasu: FG). With 98.9% of the votes counted, Abdo Benítez won 46.44% of the votes, against 42.74% for Alegre. However, at the sub-national level the (PC) had a strong showing; it won 13 of the 17 posts for departmental governors.

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