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Portugal phases out M60A3 TTS MBT

14 March 2018

The Portuguese Army officially phased out its last M60A3 Tank Thermal Sight (TTS) main battle tanks (MBTs) on 13 March.

Portugal received a total of 93 M60A3 TTS tanks from US surplus stocks in the 1990s, replacing M48A5s in the Battle Tanks Group (GCC) and the Reconnaissance Squadron of the Mechanised Brigade’s Cavalry Regiment No 4.

Some were used for training by the since closed Cavalry Practical School (EPC).

The fleet was gradually replaced by 37 Leopard 2A6 MBTs from Royal Netherlands Army surplus stocks through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency in 2007, which entered service in 2008-09.

Portugal also received M60A2 driver trainers, M88A1/A2 armoured recovery vehicles, M60A1 bridge layers, and M728 combat engineer vehicles from the United States.

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