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AHRLAC launches into US market

22 February 2018
A conceptual image of the Paramount Group’s Bronco II aircraft, based on the company’s AHRLAC aircraft. Source: Paramount Group

South Africa’s Paramount Group announced on 22 February that it was launching its Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) aircraft into the US market.

Known as the Bronco II, the company is aiming to promote the aircraft to the United States as a potential light attack and reconnaissance aircraft for the US military.

According to Paramount Group International’s Chairman Ivor Ichikowitz, “Bronco II was designed with the US market in mind; it contains significant American content and we are now excited to be able to commit to bringing full production of the aircraft home to the USA.”

As part of the move, Paramount has teamed with US-based military aviation testing and integration company Fulcrum Concepts to help put the aircraft forward to the US government. Fulcrum Concepts will lead the weapons and systems integration, and will be joined by Paramount’s US subsidiary, Paramount Group USA, and AHRLAC design authority Aerospace Development Corporation (ADC).

The three companies have formed Bronco Combat Systems as a US-based entity to help in the delivery of the aircraft to potential US government clients.

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