Sea Platforms

Pentagon budget 2019: USN seeks funds for XLUUV payload, C2 research

14 February 2018

Key Points

  • Research effort seeks advanced energy solutions
  • FY 2019 request to fund lethal and non-lethal payload research

The US Navy (USN) is requesting USD30.18 million for ongoing research and development into unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) technologies.

Focus areas include demonstrating launch, communications, command and control (C2), navigation, endurance, recovery, payload feasibility, and mission planning and execution initially for extra-large (XL) UUV, but applicable to other platforms.

Requested funds include USD12.76 million for C2, which includes undersea energy efforts for UUVs that are limited by the amount of power that they can carry. Efforts include research, development, test, and evaluation of advanced energy solutions initially applicable to XLUUVs for increased energy endurance and efficiency to extend the reach of unmanned undersea systems.

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