Country Risk

President's proposed lifelong Security Council chairmanship increases likelihood of controlled succession in Kazakhstan

08 February 2018


On 7 February 2018, Irina Aronova, Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, Defence and Security in the Mazhilis (lower chamber of Kazakhstan’s bicameral legislature) provided an update on a draft bill regarding Kazakhstan’s Security Council. The measure was tabled for parliamentary review on 24 January by the Ministry of Justice, but has not yet been debated by the Committee, according to Aronova. The draft law significantly expands the functions of the Security Council and alters its composition and legal status.

The draft proposes to exclude the Chief of General Staff (Ministry of Defence) and the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service Syrbar, and to include the Speakers of the Mazhilis, the Senate Prosecutor General and Minister of Internal Affairs.

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