Country Risk

Tribal fighting in southern Iraq, notably Basra, moderately raises collateral risk to cargo, not energy facilities

01 February 2018


IHS Markit’s Conflict Monitor recorded a 427% increase in intra-tribal fighting in the southern province of Basra for January, representing 58 incidents, compared with the previous month’s 10 incidents.

On 31 January, the Tribal Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior announced plans to bring together all tribes with southern extensions in order to resolve the disputes, which have resulted in the use of small-arms, rockets, mortars, and several reports of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeting residential buildings. In the past months, local media have reported an increase in crimes, in the relatively secure province, including murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, threats, extortion, trafficking, and drug-dealing in Basra.

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