Country Risk

Kosovo Serb politician’s killing increases protest risks in Mitrovica but unlikely to derail Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

17 January 2018


On 16 January at 0815 local time, Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanović was killed in a drive-by shooting in North Mitrovica.

Ivanović was a prominent representative of the Kosovo Serb community north of the Ibar River and the head of the civic initiative Freedom, Democracy, Justice (Sloboda, Demokracija, Pravda: SDP). In 2016, an EU court convicted Ivanović of war crimes against Albanians and sentenced him to nine years in prison. However, Ivanović was acquitted shortly thereafter by an appeals court, and was awaiting a retrial. Ivanović occupied a moderate position among Kosovo Serb politicians, emphasising interethnic dialogue more emphatically than Serb List (Srpska Lista), the biggest Kosovo Serb party, which is also sponsored by Belgrade.

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