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Yemeni rebels capture Hydroid UUV

05 January 2018
Divers affiliated to Yemen’s Ansar Allah group celebrate next to a captured Kongsberg Marine Hydroid REMUS 600 unmanned underwater vehicle in a still taken from a video released on 1 January 2018. Source: Al-Masirah TV

Yemen’s Ansar Allah group (the Houthis) announced on 31 December that its naval forces had captured an underwater “spy vehicle” operated by the Saudi-led coalition that it is fighting.

On the following day, it released video footage showing divers swimming with an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) painted yellow with ‘Hydroid’ written on the side and the logo of the Norwegian company Kongsberg.

The US-based UUV manufacturer Hydroid was acquired by Kongsberg Maritime in 2008.

There was no indication of which country operated the UUV, which appeared to be a REMUS 600: a modular system that can be configured for marine research and commercial purposes as well as for military missions that include mine detection, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The REMUS 600 was not previously known to be in service with any member of the Saudi-led coalition.

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