Military Capabilities

Polish territorial army takes shape

19 December 2017

On 16 December, the last intake of 250 members of the Polish territorial army, the Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej (WOT), were sworn in in Białystok after completing their basic training. It was the second such ceremony of the 1st Podlaska Territorial Defence Brigade.

In addition to Białystok, there have been ceremonies in Augustowo, Grajewo, Łomża, Mońki, Siedlce, Supraśl, and Suwałki, all in eastern Poland, where the WOT build-up was first launched. The WOT has reached a strength of more than 7,000 soldiers, of whom 6,000 are territorial soldiers and 1,200 are professionals. Numerically, this makes the WOT the third-largest component of the Polish Armed Forces.

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