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US National Security Strategy warns of ‘rogue’ North Korea, Iran

18 December 2017

President Donald Trump’s National Security Strategy (NSS) considers North Korea and Iran “rogue” states that are "the scourge of the world today", and seeks to strengthen the US military to address such states as well as great power competitors China and Russia.

To address Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programmes, the NSS said the United States will enhance its ballistic missile defence efforts and seek new ways to stop missiles before they are launched (so-called left of launch capabilities). For homeland defence against intercontinental ballistic missiles, the United States currently deploys the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system.

The strategy, published on 18 December, said Iran "sponsors terrorism around the world" and "is developing more capable ballistic missiles and has the potential to resume its work on nuclear weapons".

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