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Mac Jee set to finalise Armadillo TA-2 70 mm rocket launcher development

18 December 2017

Two unnamed countries in the Middle East have issued a request for quotation for the Armadillo TA-2 vehicle-mounted remote-controlled 70mm rocket launch system developed by Brazil’s Mac Jee-Indústria, Comércio e Representação, ahead to its anticipated completion in 2018.Model of the Armadilllo TA-2 70 mm rocket launch system mounted on an Iveco 4x4 protected LMV. (Victor Barreira)Model of the Armadilllo TA-2 70 mm rocket launch system mounted on an Iveco 4x4 protected LMV. (Victor Barreira)

One of the states is looking to procure 100 systems for integration onto 4x4 vehicles, the company told Jane’s .

A company-funded initiative, Armadillo TA-2 is designed to deliver a maximum of 3 km direct and 12 km indirect fires capability principally for 4x4 tactical patrol vehicles. The ability to retract the launcher system inside a fully hermetically-sealed rear compartment enables the host platform to masquerade as regular patrol vehicle, the company said. The compartment also allows the Armadillo TA-2 system to be protected from severe weather conditions.

Weighing approximately 700 kg, the Armadillo TA-2 system comprises a retractable, modular, 360° coverage launching platform that mounts three firing modules each armed with 16 70 mm dual-base propellant unguided surface-to-surface rockets; a semi-automatic ammunition reloading system with three additional firing modules as reserves; fully automatic electric leveling device to stabilize the vehicle during launching phase; and a commander’s embedded command-and-control system integrating navigation system and ballistic calculator. The system can be integrated to new build and/or upgraded vehicles.

The 70 m rockets are provided by Brazil’s state-owned Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (IMBEL). Integration of a 70 mm guided rocket capability – along with other effects – is being evaluated by Mac Jee.

Development of the system began in 2015 and is expected to be finalised in late 2018. Evaluation activities will begin immediately after at the Brazilian Army Evaluations Center (CAEx) in Rio de Janeiro.

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