Development of PAK-DP could begin in 2018

14 December 2017

Tiago Machado

Russian news sources reported that the development of the PAK-DP ‘sixth-generation’ long-range interceptor may begin as soon as 2018, depending on the release of the Russian State Armament Programme document.

In an interview between United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Vice-President of Innovation Sergei Korotkov and Russian news outlet Interfax-AVN published on 13 December, Korotkov explained that “most likely, work will start in 2018 … everything depends on the output of the main document – the state programme of armaments”.

The article further elaborated that the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is in talks with MiG about the programme.

Korotkov stressed that at the moment, “the main thing is that the requirements correspond to the volumes of financing”.

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