Kazakhstan receives special forces Arlans

13 December 2017
Kazakhstan’s special forces have received specially modified Arlan MRAP vehicles. Source: Paramount Group

Kazakhstan has received a special forces version of the Arlan mine-resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles from local joint venture firm Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), Paramount Group said on 13 December.

According to the company, the special forces variants include a range of additional auxiliary equipment, including communications suites, roof-mounted wire cutting blades, a hydraulically mounted barricade-breaker blade, night vision equipment, infra-red cameras, and GPS. The barricade-breaker blade is operated from the driver station inside the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicles have required additional winterisation equipment due to the harsh climate experienced in Kazakhstan. This has entailed additional heating of the crew cabin; changing the required specification for fluids, fuels, and lubricants to withstand temperatures ranging from -50°C to +50°C; and heated ballistic windows.

Paramount Group has said the KPE joint venture has now started on the next “large order” for Arlans by Kazakhstan, with further deliveries expected in 2018.

KPE’s facility in the Kazakh capital Astana was established in 2013, before production of the Arlan began in 2015. At its opening, the facility aimed to create 150 jobs and achieve a capacity for the production of 200 vehicles per year.

The first vehicles were delivered to the Kazakh Ministry of Defence in August 2016, with other users including Kazakh law enforcement agencies.

The Arlan is based on Paramount Group’s Marauder MRAP vehicle, localised for the extreme weather conditions experienced in Kazakhstan. The Arlan is designed to carry 10 personnel and can also be used for fire-support operations or anti-missile launcher missions.

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