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USN continues with integration of Magic Carpet carrier landing system

30 November 2017

The US Navy (USN) is continuing the development and deployment of the Maritime Augmented Guidance with Integrated Controls for Carrier Approach and Recovery Precision Enabling Technologies, known in the USN by its acronym Magic Carpet, a system meant to make easier and safer to land F/A-18 aircraft aboard aircraft carriers.

“Magic Carpet is partially integrated at the moment,” Captain Michael Spencer, commander, Carrier Air Wing 11, told Jane's. “It is a wonderful tool for precision landings,” he said. “It allows the wing itself to act as a lifting device.”

With Magic Carpet, a set of software changes are made to the aircraft’s integrated controls that enable a computer to use the F/A-18’s angle of attack to help ensure the proper glide path and provide a steadier aircraft controlled by relatively small and quick wing adjustments, like those a bird would make for a landing.

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