Air-Launched Weapons

Dubai Airshow 2017: MDBA gives more details on SmartGlider PGM

16 November 2017

European missile house MBDA revealed more details of its SmartGlider precision-guided munition (PGM) system at this year’s Dubai Airshow. The weapon was revealed for the first time in June at the Paris Airshow and the company is touting it as an effective weapon for the suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD) mission and a range of other strike requirements.

The SmartGlider family of weapons cover the “gap between bombs equipped with guidance kits, like the Boeing JDAM, and air-launched cruise missiles,” explained retired fighter pilot François Moussez, a military advisor with MBDA. “This weapon will have an effective range of 100 km,” he said, “which allows the combat platform deploying it to release at ranges that are a safe distance from enemy air defence systems.”

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