Air-Launched Weapons

USN declares full operational capability for JSOW C-1 glide weapon

22 October 2017

The US Navy (USN) has declared Full Operational Capability with its first air-to-ground network-enabled weapon (NEW) capable of attacking stationary land and moving maritime targets.

Announcing the milestone on 11 October, the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) confirmed that all USN tactical air squadrons have now been outfitted with the AGM-154C-1 Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW C-1)

Developed and manufactured by Raytheon Missile Systems, JSOW is a medium-range air-to-surface precision-guided glide weapon employing a GPS/inertial navigation system and a terminal imaging infrared seeker. The JSOW C-1 variant, which achieved initial operational capability (IOC) with the USN in 2016, adds a two-way Link 16 Strike Weapon Data Link and upgraded seeker software to meet the navy's requirements for a NEW capability able to precisely strike moving maritime targets at ranges up to approximately 70 n miles (129.6 km).

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