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Robotics Design Bureau launches RSVK-M2 UGV

15 October 2017

Ukraine’s Robotics Design Bureau unveiled its second generation RSVK unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Arms and Security Exhibition 2017 in Kiev.RSVK-M2 in an armed configuration. (Robotics Design Bureau) RSVK-M2 in an armed configuration. (Robotics Design Bureau)

The RSVK-M2 is a 6x6 multirole platform that was shown configured for an armed role but which is designed to also provide logistics, search-and-rescue, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

Testing of the vehicle has been carried out since 2016, including with the Ukrainian army and reportedly in the Donbass region.

In its combat configuration the RSVK-M2 has been shown fitted with a variety of weapons, including the PKT 7.62 machine gun (MG), NSV 12.7 mm MG, AG-17A automatic grenade launcher, and anti-tank guided missiles, among others. An engagement range of 750 m (2,460.6 ft) has been claimed.

The company has also developed its own sighting system for use with the platform, which is stated as being capable of identifying targets out to 600 m.

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