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AUSA 2017: Saab delivers new ‘Breakaway’ camouflage netting system for SOCOM

09 October 2017

In late September US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) received nine 'Breakaway' camouflage systems and has already deployed them into operations, Brian Keller, president and general manager of Saab Barracuda, told Jane’s ahead of the annual Association of the US Army (AUSA) conference.

Saab’s Breakaway system combines mobile camouflage for vehicles and the sort of tent-like static camouflage netting. It helps conceal forces from multispectral sensors that include visual, Near Infrared (nIR), Shortwave Infrared (SWIR), and more, Keller said.

There is a derivation for the larger Stryker wheeled combat vehicle, but Keller said the system is particularly appropriate for the special operations community and its smaller Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1s (GMV 1.1s), DAGOR, and MRZR mobility vehicles.

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