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Pacific 2017: Rafael launches Typhoon Mk-30c naval gun system

02 October 2017
The Typhoon Mk-30c seen on a Peruvian Coast Guard vessel. Source: Rafael

Key Points

  • Rafael has officially launched the next generation of its Typhoon range of naval weapon systems
  • Product is positioned as a compact weapon system with improved accuracy and stabilisation, and lowest sustainability costs in its class

Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems officially launched its latest variant of the Typhoon family of small-calibre stabilised naval gun systems at the Pacific 2017 exhibition in Sydney.

The system, known as the Typhoon Mk-30c, is being positioned for navies looking to reconcile the need to protect their surface assets against emerging aerial and asymmetric surface threats including swarm attacks, with limited deck space.

A particular emphasis of the Typhoon Mk-30c over its predecessors is its more compact design, ease of maintenance, and low life-cycle costs, said Doron Levi, marketing and business development director at Rafael, in an interview with Jane’s . “Given its relatively lower sustainability costs, the Typhoon Mk-30c is the most economical naval gun system in its class,” he added.

The system is equipped with the ATK Mk44 Bushmaster cannon, which can fire NATO standard 30 mm rounds, including high explosive and air burst ammunitions, in adjustable rates of fire. These can range from single-shot mode, and up to a maximum rate of 200 rounds per minute.

The system also has a magazine that can hold up to 200 rounds in ‘ready’ mode at all times, and can be elevated at an angle of up to 70 degrees to target small and medium aerial threats such as unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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