DSEI 2017

Radar test success [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Hensoldt’s (Stand S6-315) new passive radar has proven its ability to operate in a clustered environment during a series of real scenario tests. It demonstrated an ability to detect a range of targets in mission scenarios in mountainous terrain that reflects the radar shadow. In parallel, the system quickly generated an up-to-date air picture at ranges of up to 200km.

New system architecture for mobile deployment allowed for the establishment of a real-time network consisting of several devices separated from each other, which proved the capability of the radar to operate in an area with a low concentration of transmitters.

A passive radar processes signal echoes from third-party transmitters, which are up to 10 billion times weaker than the original signals. Several interconnected passive radar sites can compensate for a lack of commercial transmitters by fusing data from three or more passive radar systems.

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