DSEI 2017

MEMS Titan challenges FOG [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

UTC Aerospace Systems’ Plymouth-based Atlantic Inertial Systems facility has developed two new members of its family of MEMS-based inertial measurement units with increased performance.

This has led to systems that are accurate over greater ranges and longer endurances than previously, and brings the new MEMS-based Titan into the realm of performance offered by much larger fibre-optic gyro (FOG) units.

Having produced the world’s first inertial measurement units based on MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) technology for military use, UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS, Stand S5-165) has now delivered more than 130,000 for use in missile and weapon navigation and for platform stabilisation and navigation. The company produces the SilMU02 used in a range of weapon systems, including Excalibur guided artillery round and laser-guided rockets. Using the same form factor as SilMU02, UTAS has developed LITIS, with a new high-performance three-axis gyro that improves system performance and reduces system ’walk’, making it more applicable to platforms and weapons that have longer fly-out times or greater ranges, where accuracy ‘creep’ becomes more critical.

Dubbed a ‘near-tactical grade’ system, LITIS will be ready for production next year. Titan is following behind, a tactical-grade IMU. Also retaining the SilMU02 form, it has both the new gyro from LITIS and a new three-axis accelerometer to increase performance further.

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