DSEI 2017

Land Zone Static Display [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

NIMR (Stand N10-110) AJBAN 440A (main picture) has the latest technologies in ballistic and blast protection, designed for the most rigorous use in the harshest environments.

HAFEET ambulance (above) is a 6x6 armoured ambulance designed to be highly configurable to provide trauma medical care on the battlefield.

Penman (Stand N9-475) The METRAS 4x4 Protected Command and Control Vehicle (right) is an agile, class-leading protected platform configurable for both tactical and support mission roles. The METRAS 6x6 Protected Recovery Vehicle (lower right) provides extensive mobility, payload and protection combined with a narrow width, which makes it ideal for intimate recovery.

HIPPO Multipower (Stand N8-398) The Lightweight Tactical Mobility Platform, HIPPO-X (right) is an 8x8 all-terrain vehicle designed for amphibious, airmobile and cross-country mobility.

FAUN Trackway (Stand S4-140) Heavy Ground Mobility Systems (HGMS) (above) transports, stores, deploys and recovers up to 100m of M150 Trackway for improved mobility, immediate access, route clearance and beach landings.

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