DSEI 2017

Intelligent command and control [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Systematic (Stand S5-160) is taking advantage of the presence of the Irish Naval Service offshore patrol vessel LE Samuel Beckett at DSEI to show the capabilities of its SitaWare Maritime solution.

SitaWare Maritime is a scalable and comprehensive command, control, communications, computers and intelligence system designed to provide situational awareness and information sharing to support the generation of a Recognised Maritime Picture in real time. Scalable to meet diverse requirements − from small patrol vessels up to multinational headquarters − the system offers interfaces to multiple military information standards, and facilitates plug-and-play communication and co-ordination with other systems in the land, air and maritime domains.

The presentation of the maritime situation, through an uncluttered interface, gives the SitaWare Maritime user the advantage of being able to assimilate information quickly, allowing rapid decision-making.

Furthermore, with the same system available both afloat and ashore, commanders can be confident they are sharing the same picture.

Defence Forces Ireland was the first to use SitaWare Maritime in conjunction with Systematic’s SitaWare suite for its land force and air wing.

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