DSEI 2017

UAV on demand [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

UMS Skeldar (Saab Stand N2-230) has signed a leasing agreement with JetLease that will see its rotary-wing UAV family offered to users on a short- to long-term temporary basis. JetLease will then lease them on to government entities such as coast guards and border control agencies that do not necessarily want the aircraft for a long period of time, or are not ready to acquire it outright.

‘‘We are very excited to announce that UMS is now working with JetLease,’’ David Willems, head of business development for the company, told the DSEI Daily. ‘‘We have been working on this for almost a year now, and the idea is to come up with a product for very high-end platforms like Skeldar.’’

The Skeldar V-200 − the largest of the company’s rotary-wing offerings − is the main system being offered through the leasing agreement, but there is a chance that customers will also be interested in the company’s smaller R-350 UAV.

Willems noted that customers will primarily be interested in leasing high-value assets on par with manned aircraft, hence why Skeldar will be the most appealing.

UMS Skeldar anticipates lease agreements of between 12 and 60 months.

‘‘They [JetLease] will broker our aircraft with the different institutions they usually work with for manned aircraft to be able to provide our customers with short- to long-term finance for acquiring the assets for a limited period of time,’’ he added.

Willems said UMS Skeldar has received interest from a number of potential operators that may want to acquire the UAV, particularly in Asia and Europe, and it is putting plans in place to ensure that manufacturing will meet the demand of the leasing.

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