DSEI 2017

Beat the heat [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

UK-based Equivital (Stand S3-357) is launching the latest version of its wearable technology to end avoidable heat stress injuries and fatalities. The Black Ghost system provides information to commanders and medics about a soldier’s temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, position and activity.

The application also now includes a Heat Strain Index (HSI), the ultimate tool in estimating current heat strain and predicting an impending heat-related injury. Equivital chief executive Anmol Sood said: ‘‘Heat stress can impair a person’s cognitive function and this is dangerous for those operating in extreme and unpredictable environments.’’

The system is also able to predict 15 minutes into the future the heat risk if an individual were to continue in the same environment at the same activity level.

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