DSEI 2017

German tactical radios [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Following the June announcement that it had been selected to provide joint radio systems for 50 of the German armed forces’ command and control vehicles, Rohde & Schwarz (Stand S2-268) is promoting its communications and intelligence systems.

The SVFuA system provided to Germany is the first element of the MoTaKo modernisation project, which will digitise mobile tactical communications for the German forces. Under this effort Rohde & Schwarz integrated diverse existing waveforms into the radios − based on the internationally established software communications architecture − for the first time.

The company developed the R&S HDR (high data rate), jam-resistant series of waveforms that can provide simultaneous voice and data communications. Combined with its softwa-redefined radios, R&S can provide mobile tactical communications for land, air and naval platforms.

The company is also displaying its R&S NAVICS, which takes commercially available IT technology and integrates it into internal and external naval communications. The Royal Navy uses the system on its Type 26 Global Combat Ships.

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