DSEI 2017

Enhanced situational awareness for USVs [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Radar sensor processing and display specialist Cambridge Pixel (Stand S4-352) is supplying its radar tracking and fusion software to ASV Global to enhance situational awareness on ASV’s range of unmanned surface vessels (USVs).

ASV, which supplies vessels for commercial, military and security missions, has developed its proprietary ASView command and control system to support autonomous and remote control. The need to ensure effective and reliable tracking of objects around USVs is critical to their safe operation, requiring the company to implement a robust radar tracking capability.

Cambridge Pixel’s engineers worked with the ASV software team to not only fully integrate a tracking and sensor fusion capability into ASView, but also to optimise its performance and enhance situational awareness in the maritime environment.

The company’s SPx Server radar tracking software receives radar video from the onboard radars, typically Navico’s Simrad 4G or Halo radars, then processes this video to detect targets of interest.

Initially, plots are extracted as detections from the radar that exceed a background level.

These plots are then correlated to differentiate clutter from true targets. Once the target has passed a confidence test, a provisional track becomes established and is subsequently tracked from scan to scan with a multi-hypothesis, multi-model tracker. Navigation data from the ship is used to compensate for own-ship motion.

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