DSEI 2017

Spear hits target [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Elbit Systems (Stand S2-320) is showing its latest Spear Mk 2 120mm ‘soft recoil’ mortar system integrated onto the rear of a Plasan SandCat (4x4) protected platform.

The installation of a ‘soft recoil’ system has enabled the recoil force of the 120mm muzzle-loaded mortar to be reduced to less than 15 tonnes.

This allows it to be installed on a wide range of platforms, such as 8x8 light armoured vehicles and 4x4/6x6 tactical vehicles.

The high level of automation has enabled the crew to be reduced to two or three people.

Spear Mk 2 is fitted with the Elbit mortar fire control system, which is coupled to a north-finding system and inclination gauge unit, enabling it to be laid rapidly onto the target and providing greater accuracy. It has all-electric elevation and traverse.

According to Elbit Systems, the system can come into action within 60 seconds and out of action in 60 seconds.

Maximum rate of fire is being quoted as up to 15 rounds a minute, but the number of ready 120mm rounds carried would depend on the platform.

Types of 120mm mortar ammunition fired include high-explosive, smoke, illuminating and precision guided.

The company says the latest Spear Mk 2 120mm mortar system is already in production and in service with undisclosed customers. It is being marketed alongside its Cardom 120mm smoothbore mortar, which in addition to being deployed by the Israel Defense Forces in M113 series tracked armoured personnel carriers, is also used by many other countries, including the US Army.

The most recent customer is Denmark, which ordered 15 Cardom 10 mortars earlier this year through ESl Advanced Information Technology of Austria. These will be integrated into the General Dynamics European Land Systems MOWAG Piranha 5 (8x8) armoured vehicles now in production in Switzerland.

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