DSEI 2017

Cannon ready to fire [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Under an Urgent Needs Requirement, the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Europe is to rapidly acquire a batch of Stryker (8x8) infantry combat vehicles fitted with the Kongsberg Medium Calibre Remote Weapon Station (MCRWS) armed with the latest Orbital ATK Armament Systems (Stand S2-266) 30mm XM813 cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

General Dynamics Land Systems has a contract for eight prototype/pre-production Stryker vehicles, which will be followed by 83 production units, with this version of the Stryker having the designation XM1296.

Kongsberg is supplying the MCRWS as a subcontractor, as is Orbital ATK the XM813, which is a dual-feed cannon that has a new dual recoil system to enable it to be installed in the MCRWS. The XM813 also has a heavier barrel.

The Meggitt linkless ammunition feed system has two ammunition boxes each containing 150 rounds, which can be reloaded from within the platform under armour protection. As well as firing all natures of 30x173mm ammunition, it will fire a 30mm programmable air burst munition − tracer (PABM-T), designated the MK310, which is fully qualified. The PABM-T round is fitted with a turns counting fuze, providing the weapon with a capability to burst over the ground and neutralise the enemy in a defilade position.

If required, the 30mm XM813 could be upgunned for 40mm ammunition by changing just five parts of the existing gun.

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