DSEI 2017

Neutralising all threats [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems (Stand N3-683) is showing its Trophy-HV active protection system (APS) on its 6x6 Rafael Land Systems Demonstrator vehicle. The demonstrator also features a Samson Mark II turret equipped with a Spike LR precision missile system and a TopLite multi-high definition electrooptic ISR and targeting system, along with Rafael designed passive and reactive armour.

Intended for main battle tanks (MBTs) and heavier armoured personnel carriers (APCs), and weighing some 800kg, the Trophy-HV APS is a fully autonomous hard-kill system designed to neutralise all types of current and known future threats, including anti-tank guided missiles, all rocket-propelled grenade types, and all types of recoilless rifle munitions. The standard Trophy-HV architecture comprises an Elta EL/M- 2133F/G band fire-control radar with four flat-panel antennas mounted on the platform’s hull/turret, to deliver a 360º field of view; computers, processors and two Multiple Explosive Formed Penetrators (MEFP) countermeasures launchers; and an autoloader, which delivers additional MEFP countermeasures to the launchers. Rafael manufactures all the components apart from the radar. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) currently fields the standard Trophy-HV APS on its Merkava Mk 3 and Mk 4 MBT variants, and also on its Namer tracked heavy APC.

The company has recently evolved concept design studies and initiated pre-industrialisation work to integrate a lighter weight developmental variant of Trophy-HV − designated Trophy-MV − on its Samson Mk II 30mm remote weapon stations (RWS). Intended for light and medium-weight (10-30 tonnes) platforms, the new lighter-weight (600kg) Trophy-MV (previously designated Trophy II) APS offers the same hard-kill capabilities as the Trophy-HV.

Yizhar Sahar, marketing and business development director at Rafael’s Land Maneuver Systems Directorate, told the DSEI Daily the first prototype is currently undergoing ‘‘enhanced field testing’’, and said the company was ‘‘already negotiating with an initial customer for the 30mm RWS-mounted Trophy-MV solution’’.

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