DSEI 2017

Remote security [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Providing security in remote or inaccessible areas such as swamps, island clusters or deserts can prove extremely difficult. UK-based Hov Pod, exhibiting as Reaction International (Stand N7-263), has a solution with its Perimeter Observation and Disaster Operations (POD Ops).

‘‘Deploying the right surveillance technologies can increase visibility and guide security personnel to suspicious activities before they become threats,’’ explained Ron Harris, VP of marketing. ‘‘POD Ops integrate hovercraft, drones, tethers, robotics, low-light cameras, thermal imaging, sonar, echo, radar, sensors, AIS, VHF, weather forecast, record/backup and replay, into an integrated system that detects, targets, tracks and responds.’’

POD Ops solutions expand the ability of military, law enforcement and private security companies to protect valuable infrastructure in isolated areas.

Hov Pod perimeter security responds to threats with an array of long-range non-lethal countermeasures deployed from multiple positions and from the surface or air. It adds all-terrain mobility, extended buffer zones, superior reconnaissance capabilities, redundant response measures and the ability to operate 24/7.

The first Hov Pod was built 16 years ago, but the company continues to innovate. This led to an experiment in 2016 to integrate drone operations.

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