DSEI 2017

Pocket-sized ultrasound [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Medical emergency situations often call for ultrasound scanning of a patient. What if such equipment is not readily at hand? Clarius (Stand N3-586) is an innovative wireless handheld ultrasound scanner that produces high-resolution images and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Clinicians can readily carry the ultrasound system in their pockets, enabling them to help triage critically ill patients anywhere, and to diagnose problems such as lung collapse, bleeding in the abdomen and broken bones and dislocations.

‘‘The single most useful thing has been bringing my portable ultrasound scanner to an area where I otherwise would not have the availability of point of care ultrasound,’’ said Canada-based emergency physician Geoff Sanz. Clarius helps Sanz to identify patients requiring ambulance or air transfer, as well as to identify low-risk patients who can be transported to hospital in their own vehicle.

The Clarius C3 multipurpose ultrasound scanner is designed to image the abdomen and lungs; it also incorporates a virtual phased array for quick scans of the heart. The Clarius L7 is designed for guiding procedures and imaging superficial structures.

Clarius scanners are powered by a rechargeable battery. Built with a magnesium case, they are designed to withstand challenging environments and are water-submersible for easy cleaning and disinfection.

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