DSEI 2017

Keep talking [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

With email and messaging now the preferred method of communication, Australia-based company Barrett Communications (Stand N7-160) has just announced its advanced 4075 high-power, high-frequency (HF) transmitter.

This is the result of combining Barrett’s innovative liquid-cooled amplifier with the 4050 SDR transceiver, enabling the 4075 to run continuously at high power for extended data transmission and at optimum temperatures.

‘‘It is designed for users who require robust and reliable long-range data communications equipment with low logistical demands,’’ explained Greg O’Neill, managing director of Barrett Communications.

‘‘This product is aimed at a broad cross-section of the market, from peacekeeping and humanitarian organisations, NGOs, security organisations and police to commercial businesses such as oil exploration.’’

The advanced liquid-cooled, solid-state design of the 4075 amplifier is believed to be the first of its kind. Using a water propylene glycol mixture, the cooling system allows the transmitter to run continuously at optimum temperatures and reduces the requirement for forced air cooling. Importantly, the more efficient design consumes less power and offers greater reliability and extended service life.

Working with Thales Australia, Barrett Communications recently provided its PRC-2090 HF and PRC-2080+ VHF mobile systems for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces’ (RFMF’s) Bushmaster vehicles. Integrated with the Thales SOTAS intercom system, the Barrett system allows the command vehicle to have long-distance HF and line-of- sight VHF communications and both intra- and inter-vehicle communications. The RFMF uses the vehicles for deployment in the Middle East as part of the UN peacekeeping mission in the region.

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