Getting it right first time [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Marinvent Corporation (Booth 805) and QRA Corp (Booth 1333) have officially launched the immediate availability of the integrated version of QRA’s QVscribe requirements tool with Marinvent’s Synthesis certification tools, which will significantly improve the way requirements are handled in aerospace certification programmes. The NSERC Chair in Aerospace Design Engineering (NCADE) at Concordia University is partnering with the two companies as their first university collaborator.

The NCADE programme strives to improve the quality of design engineering education by partnering with industry to enhance university curriculum through project-based experiential learning opportunities. The programme will be adopting the use of the Synthesis and QVscribe software tools as part of a yearlong course where students work in a large, multidisciplinary team to design a full-size aircraft from a blank sheet of paper.

Marinvent’s Synthesis tools save customers enormous amounts of time and money on certification programmes by planning, optimising and managing programmes requiring compliance demonstration, while QVscribe helps engineers to increase the clarity, consistency and quality of their technical documentation.

The main purpose of the tool is to avoid ambiguity, uncertainty and mistakes that can arise from poorly written requirements and to fix the errors found in an early design phase – which is often when mistakes are most commonly made. This partnership with QRA will enhance Synthesis’ current capabilities by ensuring that aerospace-related requirements, the main input for Marinvent’s software tool suite, are solid from the beginning, resulting in considerably less rework downstream.

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