Ready to repel [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

DEW Engineering of Ottawa (Booth 1111) has unveiled a new armoured shelter, designed to eliminate the vulnerability of military and police services.

These services have traditionally relied on so -walled, truck-mounted or tent shelters for their tactically deployable, mobile and static workspaces such as command posts, communication centres, ambulances and workshops. Lacking armour of any kind, these workspaces leave the occupants vulnerable to ballistic threats from small-arms weapons typically carried by soldiers, insurgents and criminals, as well as small fragments such as grenade shrapnel and ying debris.

Understanding this critical vulnerability, DEW set out to develop, prototype and demonstrate a new armoured shelter that can be tailored to meet customer requirements for size, shape, functionality and method of employment. The armour is built in as an integral part of the shelter structure.

The Ontario Provincial Police were invited to shoot NIJ Level III and IV threat weapons at the armoured shelter, as well as a variety of other weapons typically used in gun-related criminal activity. All threat rounds were successfully defeated – with no penetrations occurring.

The armour can be adapted into any size of truck shelter or ISO container, and is available in NATO, NIJ and European standards.

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