Ensuring mission effectiveness [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

Big-ticket acquisition of equipment, vehicles or uniform, while ensuring compatibility and keeping within budget, are major challenges. These are being addressed by HumanSystems Incorporated (HSI) with a framework of tools for the Canadian Army’s Soldier System Effectiveness (SoSE) programme.

These easy-to-use tools assess the physical and cognitive variables that affect soldier system effectiveness for the C7A2 weapon system. SoSE links historical and current R&D information about each element in the system to soldier characteristics, knowledge and ability. In turn, this compilation will be used to simplify the work of equipment developers and purchasers, supporting evidence-based procurement and reducing technological risk. The ultimate aim is to improve soldier resilience, performance, protection and mobility, leading to increased mission effectiveness overall.

Successful equipment procurement requires a full and correct understanding of the needs of users and the challenges under which the equipment will be used.

Military service routinely demands performance in extreme conditions that stress the person and their clothing and equipment.

Product expectations given to potential suppliers must reflect likely user challenges to ensure the best product is chosen in a rigorous, comprehensive and fair evaluation process. HSI also provides essential human factors expertise throughout the buying cycle – the earlier, the better – to support evidence-based procurement decisions that mitigate risk, improve equipment effectiveness and reduce overall costs.

SoSE and other systems are being demonstrated on Booth 503.

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