Flameless heat on the move [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

South Dakota, USA-based Therm Dynamics has been a leading supplier of flameless portable heaters to the oil and gas and aviation industries worldwide since 1998, providing a wide range of heating solutions.

The TD500-GSE flameless heat cart is compact, completely portable and safe. The company’s patented technology of agitating hydraulic oil in a flameless, spark-less and low-pressure environment is what provides clean, dry heat for all narrow- to wide-body aircraft. It represents the next generation in portable heat technology in the airline industry.

Therm Dynamics has also introduced the TD500 IDF (indirect-fired) self-contained generator portable heater, which has replaced the old standard Herman Nelson flamed heaters used around the globe since the Second World War.

The simple, safe, versatile heater is designed to provide operators with high heat to de-ice wings, pre-heat engines, thaw fluids and frozen doors or function as a portable maintenance station.

Whatever the requirement, the TD500 IDF will exceed expectations, the company claims.

It has documented records that its heaters can achieve more than 30,000 hours of successful operation and can withstand the harshest conditions.

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