Controlling spectrum situational awareness [CANSEC17D1]

31 May 2017

LS telcom (Booth 230) is a global leader in spectrum system integration delivering spectrum and electronic warfare hardware, software, system integration, training, mentoring and consultancy. The company has added highly experienced ex-military and defence experts to the organisation to leverage the clear and defined needs of the defence and security market.

Its wide range of products and systems includes surveillance deliverables, based on ease of compatibility and interoperability with legacy national systems.

Data can be stored for post-event analysis or networked back for in-depth real-time analysis.

LS OBSERVER Surveillance systems enable large areas to be quickly and electronically mapped and the collected data can be archived and used historically to deliver intelligence trends analysis.

The sensors come in various forms – fixed, transportable, mobile and portable – and can all be networked into a grid.

LS telcom’s software package SPECTRA supports spectrum planning, allocation, technical frequency and interference analysis, licensing and billing to national and international co-ordination. Special applications include white space management, dynamic spectrum access, special event planning and online (e-/ mobile) licensing. SPECTRA can be accessed on-site or via a cloud-based application. SPECTRAmpt covers all areas of electromagnetic spectrum operations from spectrum management, frequency assignment/allotment, policy, host nation and international co-ordination and electronic warfare operational planning.

Spectrum ‘Situational Awareness’ of the electronic environment allows any changes to the RF spectrum to be identified using Auto Violation Detection, further allowing the identification and/or cueing of other sensors and effectors.

LS telcom has provided spectrum system solutions to more than 70 government organisations.

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