IDEX 2017

Improving defences [IDEX17D5]

23 February 2017

Italy’s Elettronica Group (Stand 06- B21) constantly endeavours to improve the defensive capabilities of its electronic warfare (EW) systems, notably by also participating in international experimental trials.

During recent NATO EMBOW trials in Germany, the company demonstrated the effectiveness of its concept of advanced countermeasure techniques to counter next-generation infrared threats. For the first time, at NATO level, Elettronica proved the advantage of combining the use of conventional flares and its DIRCM (directional infrared countermeasures) system, the ELT/572. This combination maximises the break lock of imaging seekers, while the single systems alone are ineffective. The company claims the most reliable and effective counter to MANPADS is the DIRCM, whose fibre laser technology applied in the ELT/572 enhances its effectiveness, overcoming the traditional setbacks of previous DIRCM suites. It also allows the use of a small, highly dynamic turret that can very quickly slew and, driven by sophisticated algorithms, accurately concentrate the laser beam on the seekers of the incoming missile threats. This ensures an all-around effective protection of the platforms, even against multiple simultaneous threats.

Elettronica is also showing the Edge, a new escort jammer in an autonomous pod, designed to increase the survivability of an entire attacking force. The electronic intelligence (ELINT) Edge capabilities include high sensitivity for very long-range detection, extended frequency bandwidth and accurate directional of arrival measurement.

The company’s ELT/800 is an innovation in ELINT equipment design for fixed- and rotary-wing application. The system allows tactical surveillance (electronic support measures (ESM) function) and highly accurate data processing for intelligence analysis purposes (ELINT function).

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