IDEX 2017

Korean missile partnership [IDEX17D4]

21 February 2017

Emirates Systems & Support Services (ESSS) was established in 2014 as a partnership with LIGNex1 from South Korea to offer a range of products and services. ESSS is exhibiting as part of the Emirates Advanced Research and Technology Holding (EARTH) display (Stand 12-A05), where some of the company’s products are on show.

Included are the Raybolt and Emirates Guided Bomb (EGB). Raybolt is a medium-range infantry missile that can be fired from either a man-portable tube or from a vehicle mount. It has top and direct attack modes. The EGB (pictured) is a wing/guidance kit that turns a Mk 80 series unguided bomb into a standoff precision attack weapon that uses inertial/GPS navigation. The system has a wireless interface that connects the bomb’s fire control unit to the pilot’s knee-pad unit or mission-planning unit. Using wireless communications negates the need for any special modification to the aircraft platform. The LIGNex1 wing kit is already in service with the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Other precision-guided weapons in the ESSS portfolio are the 130mm Coastal Defense Rocket, M-SAM mid-range surface-to-air missile and the Blue Shark lightweight torpedo.

ESSS also offers launcher systems for air, sea and land applications.

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