IDEX 2017

Beating a path [IDEX17D3]

21 February 2017

Reducing obstacles in the way of advancing troops or vehicles requires innovative solutions.

US-based Critical Solutions International (CSI) (Stand 02-B32) has just completed training of explosive ordnance disposal technicians from several Iraqi Army units at the Army’s bomb disposal school (BDS) in the use of the Bandolier multi-purpose clearing charge system.

The Bandolier’s design and multifunctional explosive system allows the creation of safe lanes, while minimising time on target. It is effective against all obstacles on the battlefield, obviating the need for multiple systems to perform the same breaching and clearance mission sets.

CSI’s demolition experts trained the Iraqi personnel on topics ranging from charge coupling and remote initiation to deployment techniques and charge placement.

The BDS cadre is now instructing Iraqi Army Engineers on these topics in preparation for Bandolier’s use in Mosul in clearance and counter-IED efforts against Daesh.

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