IDEX 2017

Secure communications [IDEX17D2]

19 February 2017

Travelling members of defence and government agencies are vulnerable to cyber threats when communicating with headquarters over public or satellite networks. South African company Parsec (Stand 12-C40) has been developing high-security network encryption (HSNE) products since 2007.

“Given the success of our HS9200 family of products, Parsec is constantly looking for ways to improve our offering,” said business development director Tobie van Loggerenberg. “The HSNE9008 [pictured] is an upgrade on our earlier 9004 model, offering improved functionality and user-friendly features. It will be available in the second quarter of 2017.”

These devices that encrypt network traffic flowing over public or shared networks not only enable commercial or client supplied proprietary cryptographic algorithms, but also cryptographically authenticated secure administrative access. The 9008 boasts a touchpad and larger screen in a more compact format. It has active hardware tamper protection of cipher and key material, as well as virtual private network (VPN) fire-walling capabilities.

For the past seven years, Parsec has been co-operating with Middle East partners, offering technology transfer to the extent that its partners have now independently embarked on electronics manufacturing, testing and marketing. Van Loggerenberg said he believes these partners are soon to manufacture Parsec’s HSNE9008 in their own factory.

“As an original design manufacturer, with a worldwide client base, we at Parsec take pride in our ISO-certified project management and professional system engineering capabilities,” he concluded.

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