IDEX 2017

Key enabler [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

The successful Typhoon ‘Buzzard’s Nest’ trial at RAF Coningsby proved the viability and benefits of utilising small aircraft shelters in military operations. It also provided 5001 Squadron with an invaluable opportunity to train new personnel in Technical Working Environments (TWE) construction on a Fast Jet operating base, while still being within easy reach of home base.

5001 Squadron has supported many UK military operations around the world. The squadron’s core capability, to rapidly construct aircraft hangars and other items of TWE at austere locations, has been a key enabler for deployed forces and continues to be in high demand.

The TWE installations included a large number of Rubb Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) structures. 5001 Squadron constructed four 20.4m span structures for the ‘Buzzard’s Nest’ trial and MoD figures revealed that the Rubb shelters help deliver a tangible increase in available sorties (by more than 10 per cent) and a decrease in aborted sorties. Rubb managing director Ian Hindmoor said: “This trial proves that use of TWE is helping to decrease aircraft maintenance costs and maintenance downtime.

We will continue to improve our hangars and services to ensure the best value and product life-time cost savings for our clients.” Rubb’s EFASS is designed to be rapidly deployed, providing reliable, durable and field maintainable fabric engineered structures for difficult terrain and harsh climatic conditions.

Demountable, relocatable and reusable, EFASS aircraft hangars, sunshades, shelters and warehouses are available in three spans with multiple door options. Rubb Military fabric buildings can be equipped with gantry crane technology. Structures pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport.

Rubb sales manager Andy Knox said: “There is significant interest in our hangar systems in the defence sector in the Middle East, with a growing emphasis on expeditionary and surveillance operations. We have noted growth in procurement activity for fast jets and rotorcraft, and in turn we have seen enquiries regarding our rapid deployment hangars grow in areas such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.” Rubb Military will be highlighting its products on Stand 06-A31.

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