IDEX 2017

Keeping a clear vision [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

CeramTec-ETEC has successfully tested and certified its transparent ceramic PERLUCOR as part of lighter and thinner transparent armour composite systems.

Weight reductions for systems tested according to STANAG 4569 or ATPD were in the range of 30 to 60 per cent. Furthermore, it has been introduced as a scratch-resistant material for protection of windscreens, periscopes, optic and optronic equipment. In addition to a longer lifetime, PERLUCOR increases the reliability of operational performance of such equipment during combat in sandy and rocky areas.

Sand Blower comparison tests (according to MIL-STD-810G: 2008- 10-31; Method 510.5, Procedure II) with various glass qualities have shown that PERLUCOR has no measurable increase in haze after 90 minutes, while the haze of glass increased up to 40 per cent.

Its high transparency grade – ceramic has an optical grade of >92% relative transparency (>80% IT) – opens up fields of application for PERLUCOR everywhere glass reaches its limits. It exhibits three to four times the hardness and strength of conventional glass. Further extraordinary properties include the material’s higher (by a factor of three) thermal stability, which makes it suitable for use at temperatures up to 1,600°C, and its high chemical stability, which means it can also be used with highly concentrated acids and lyes.

CeramTec-ETEC will exhibit transparent test panels, and a scratch and stone hit protected panel, on Stand 08-E02 in the German Pavilion.

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