IDEX 2017

A cool breeze [IDEX17D1]

18 February 2017

Although the outdoors can be a pleasant environment for most, it can be dangerous for heavily kitted out combatants. USA-based company Breezer Mobile Cooling (Stand 02-B02) offers the Power Breezer to help manage hot temperatures in harsh climatic conditions.

Combining jet engine technology with fluid dynamics, the Power Breezer delivers a powerful, focused and quiet air stream to cool partially covered or open areas. It uses less than four litres of water an hour, which is atomised to create tiny droplets that evaporate easily for maximum cooling. It can operate for up to 50 hours without water replenishment and quietly cools a 280m2 (3,000ft2) area by up to 27°F (-3°C). With no filters or nozzles that can clog up, the Power Breezer is easy to maintain.

Designed to be mission-ready in no time for rugged military use and longevity, it is manufactured with anti-corrosive parts, requires no tools for assembly, and is easy to ship anywhere. It meets MIL-STD 810-G for sand, dust, heat, rain and humidity, and has passed the Navy’s salt fog test.

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