China pushes SAM [INDODEF16-D3]

04 November 2016

China Aerospace Long-March International (Hall B, Stand 038) is expanding its product range of surface to air missiles (SAM) with the introduction of the FB-10, which is described as a “mobile light air defence missile system”.

The system is integrated onto a 6x6 cross-country truck chassis to give it a high level of mobility. Mounted on the rear platform is the turntable-type launcher with four missiles in the ready-to-launch position either side.

The surveillance radar is mounted on the turntable on the top at the rear and can be lowered to reduce the overall height for travelling. The optical sensor pod is mounted between the two banks of four missiles.

According to the prime contractor, the infrared fire-and-forget missiles can engage targets flying at an altitude from 15m to 5,000m and with a maximum interception range of 10km.

Reaction time is quoted as just nine seconds with a single shot kill probability of 0.8.

A typical FB-10 battery would consist of six units linked together to enable target information to be rapidly exchanged and with one of the six units acting as overall command and control unit.

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