Countering the submarine threat [INDODEF16-D3]

04 November 2016

The proliferation of advanced submarines in littoral waters is becoming an increasing concern to many regional navies. To counter this threat, Turkey’s Roketsan (Hall A, Stand 043) has developed a new generation anti-submarine warfare (ASW) rocket and launcher system in cooperation with Aselsan.

Designed to be effective against targets between 15m and 300m depth, the ASW rocket can be fired in single or salvo modes from the stabilised six-barrel launcher developed by Aselsan. Firing range is between 500m and 2,000m.

The warhead contains a 12kg high explosive IM charge. Detonation depth can be controlled remotely by using a time-setting fuze. The associated fire control system takes inputs from the ship combat system and navigation suite.

According to Roketsan, the system can perform automatic target engagement on a specified sonar track.

Turkish Naval Forces’ P1200 patrol boats are already equipped with the new ASW rocket launcher system. Each vessel mounts a single six-barrel launcher on its aft deck.

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