Weapons development [INDODEF16-D3]

03 November 2016

Dislitbangau, the Indonesian air force’s research and development institute, is highlighting its work with a range of weapons and systems being shown on its external display. The institute has designed a series of weapons for aerial deployment by aircraft of both Western and Russian origin, to match the types in the air force inventory.

The range of bombs includes P-250, P-500L and BTN-250 for Russian aircraft such as the Su-27/30, and BT-125/250/500 general-purpose bombs for Western aircraft such as the F-016 and Hawk. They are low-drag weapons similar to the Mk 80 series. They are complemented by full-size and ballistic-representative training weapons in the BLA series.

Dislitbangau has also developed a GPS-guided smart bomb, the BP-250 X1, based on the BT-250 free-fall weapon. The guided bomb has a wing kit and a tail guidance section containing GPS receiver, guidance control, battery and moveable fins. The weapon has NATO-standard lugs for carriage by F-16s and Hawks, and while still in the development phase is in limited service with the air force.

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