Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016

Turkish precision [AAD16D3]

16 September 2016

Turkish missile house Roketsan (Hangar 7, Stand CW12) is showcasing a wide range of its products at AAD, including its multibarrel rocket launching systems for 107mm, 122mm and 300mm rockets. The latest member of the family is the TRG- 300, offering a 120km range and a 30m CEP accuracy thanks to GPS/ INS guidance.

The company has recently achieved several important tests of its weapon systems as they mature towards service entry. Among them is the Hisar air defence missile, which is being developed in low-and-medium-altitude versions.

Hisar employs imaging infrared terminal guidance, thrust-vectoring control, midcourse guidance and a dual-pulse rocket motor. A number of successful test firings have been made of the Hisar-A low-altitude weapon, while the Hisar-O medium-level missile began firing tests last July.

Also on show is the Teber, an INS/ GPS kit that transforms a standard Mk 81/82 bomb into a precision-guided weapon, being displayed here in its Mk 81 form.

Another air-launched weapon is the SOM, a stand-off missile that is now in Turkish Air Force service with F-16C/D Block 40s and F-4E- 2020 Phantoms. The company has signed an MoU with Airbus Defence and Space covering the integration of SOM on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Roketsan, in partnership with Lockheed Martin, has further developed the SOM-J version for internal carriage by the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, plus external carriage by other types. Flight trials of SOM-J are due to begin from an F-16 in the first quarter of 2017, with serial production expected to start in the following year.

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